Where do we start?
  • What is the Front Porch?

We are an online-based ministry for young adults who want to make friends and talk about topics large and small.

  • Who is a young adult?

We focus on people aged 19-late 30's.

  • I don't think I believe in God or Church.

No problem at all! This is focused on community-building, and growing as people. While we do have chats around spirituality, and if you want to talk religion Rev. Roberta is more than happy to, no one has to believe in God to join.

  • Are you Affirming? If I am gay, would I be welcomed?

The Front Porch is a part of the Lawrence Park Community Church ministry, and LPCC is Affirming. We welcome all people, including the LGBTQ2S+ community, to participate fully in our gatherings. We believe that all genders, sexualities, and gender identities are created by the Universe as important and cherished.

  • How do you meet?

We meet primarily online, so if you don't live in Toronto but want to participate, we are more than happy to have you join. 

  • Where do I start?

Contact Rev. Roberta at roberta@lawrenceparkchurch.ca to say hi, and she will be more than happy to learn more about you and what you would like to join.

  • And if I am not ready to join?

We have our videos on Youtube, podcast episodes covering all manner of topics, and lots of online material to engage your ideas. When you are ready, we will be ready for you!